Personal Work

A collection of personal work and creative collaborations that make my heart sing.

Personal Work

A collection of personal work and creative collaborations that make my heart sing. 

Talking to Strangers

This work began out of a challenge to photograph fifty strangers over the course of a year. I didn't make the deadline, but that hasn't stopped me from talking to strangers. This project has sparked a deep desire for a more meaningful connection with the people around me. And so instead of always being buried in my phone (which still happens more than I'd like it to) I try to say at least say hello to people in the check out line, or at the airport, or walking down the street, and when I'm lucky, we share stories that turn into powerful film portraits.


Face of Petaluma

The Face of Petaluma was a collaborative portrait project led by Paige Green, Jude Mooney, Ramin Rahimian, Michael Garlington, and Michael Woolsey that captured a moment when the city's demographics were shifting rapidly. These photographs gave an authentic voice to all corners of the town, from it's central characters, to those on the periphery.

I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph one of the pop up portrait sessions that expanded the faces captured in the exhibit. I will always be grateful to the Face of Petaluma team for this opportunity and for the glimpse this project gave me into the soul of my California hometown.


For Art's Sake

Three photographers walk into a beautiful rental home with two stylists, a florist, two lovely models and no agenda... and that's exactly how this magic happened.


Kintsugi: Forged in Fire

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, during severe fire weatherstorm conditions, a series of wildfires broke out across Sonoma and Napa counties, ultimately burning over 160,000 acres, claiming 31 lives, and destroying over 7,800 structures before being fully extinguished on October 31st.

It was a devastating blow to our community.

As the dust settled, and the acute needs were less pronounced, I began doing the only thing I felt like I had to offer: photographing friends, and friends of friends in the fire zone where their homes used to be with the hope that it would give them a place to start the rebuilding process.


The Most Amazing Thing I've Ever Seen

I will never forget my first birth and what it was like to watch this mama work so beautifully to bring her little one earthside. Being a witness to so many life changing moments in our many journeys around the sun is a privilege that will never be lost on me.


The Land of Enchantment

Sometimes when I feel stuck, I have an unquenchable thirst to create new work. Fortunately for me, I have many incredibly talented artist friends ready to indulge me and take part in my crazy ideas. Which is exactly what Nicky Ovitt and I did on a recent trip to Albuquerque, NM. If you're wondering when is a good time to rally the creative troops and chase the sunset, the answer is ALWAYS.


Next Door Creative

Next Door Creative is a partnership between my next door neighbor +  digital marketer, Liz Talago and myself. Together, we help woman-owned businesses expand their reach through strategic visual storytelling. Offering turnkey digital marketing services + effective content solutions for entrepreneurs is our jam.


It Takes A Village

Last summer, I went back to my hometown and spent a week visiting, photographing, and thanking the people who have shaped my life, and it was the most important personal work I've ever done. You see, if it wasn't for who these folks are and have been to me, I wouldn't be who I am today... and I think, when we look in the mirror and see glimmers of those who helped us find our way, we have a duty to honor that. So come on in, and meet the town that built me.


Friends on Film Project

A dear friend handed me a film camera four years ago and told me to "just shoot". It quickly became my most favorite way to document my own life and the people I love. It's easy to always feel "on" as the photographer in your friend group, but film slows me down and allows me to connect in a way that I don't feel distracted by. And so I haven't stopped photographing with film, and if I have it my way for the rest of my days, I never will.