Slow Is Good

Painting those words on this sign did not feel nearly as profound as reading them months later.

2015 was the year I never saw coming.



It was a secret passage of sorts. A gateway between what I always thought could be but never thought would be.

It was a year for chasing dreams... and for seeing dreams come true.



For worlds to collide...



For digging in and learning new things.Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


For abandoning security, making leaps of faith...

...and for learning how to stick the landing.

It will go down in my history book as the year that changed everything... and it happened SO fast.

I turned 25 this year... and for reasons planted in my head by yours truly, I started to feel my life flashing before my eyes (or more appropriately, my camera lens). You see, when I was fifteen, I thought that by twenty-five, I would have my life "figured out" (insert eye roll). A decade seemed like plenty of time to get it together, right? Wrong. But of all of the crazy ideas I've had between now and then, that one stuck.

And so there I was, thinking twenty-five would look a little more like this...



or a little closer to this...000004990003lauraschneider_jcgc_triptic (1)

But it didn't... and guess what, fifteen-year-old self? It's perfect.

Twenty-five has been about building bridges...



about riding waves and letting go...

and leaning in...

It was nothing I thought it would be and everything I dreamed it could be.

The last decade of my life felt a bit like a marathon I didn't train for but ran anyway... and for first time in over ten years, I am not fighting the urge to run.

I will hold space this year.


For this chapter of life and everything that comes with it. For myself and for those around me. For my own work and for the work of others. For contributing more than I consume. For listening - not with an intent to reply, but to understand. For engaging - less digitally, more meaningfully. For what I know is ahead, and for the possibility of things I'd never see coming.

Life is fast... and slow IS good.