Leave What’s Heavy: A Wishlist for 2018

I’ve been listening to Heavy by Birdtalker on repeat since the beginning of December, and it just might be my anthem for the new year.

It’s been a heavy year, has it not? I could so easily launch into an ugly rant about our current political climate, preach an impressive experienced-based sermon about the increasing shortcomings within our education system, and scream through a laundry list of pent up frustrations from a mountaintop after the last 365 days, but I prefer this lyric as a path forward:

Are you feeling fearful brother?
Are you feeling fearful sister?
Only way to lose that fearful feeling,
Replace it with love that’s healing.

So this year, instead of a long list of resolutions, I’m pairing some of my favorite photos of 2017 with a wishlist for your 2018. Without further ado, my wishes for you, along with a heartfelt thank you to everyone pictured (and not pictured) who continue to help mine come true.

Above all things, I hope you always lead with your heart.

I hope you are surrounded by people who lift you up.

That you make your daydreams come true.

That you find or are living the kind of happily ever after that lights up your life.

And that your best day ever is always just around the corner.

I hope you revisit your childhood heroes.

That you say hello to strangers and turn them into friends.

And that you become a part of something bigger than yourself.

I hope you have the opportunity to do work that you love.

That you are challenged by work you’re not sure you’re capable of.

And that you surprise yourself.

I hope you find balance.

That you eat well.

That you take time for yourself.

And that you hold tightly to what matters most.

I hope you pay it forward and that a random act of kindness is returned.

That you steer yourself any direction you choose.

And that you spend more time with the people you love.

I hope you fight for what you believe in.

That you take a seat at the table.

And that you use whatever privilege you have to amplify voices that have been quieted.

I hope you opt outside.

That you have slow days in beautiful places.

And that you help protect the parts of our world that we can’t get back.

I hope you get a hug from someone every day.

That your days are full of laughter.

And that you can dance your way through the ones that aren’t.

I hope you believe in what you are capable of.

That you fall in love with the person you’re still becoming.

And when love finds its way to you, that you let it in.

I hope you stay inspired.

That you continue to be brave.

That you go your own way.

And that you leave what’s heavy behind.

Happiest of new beginnings, friends.

May all your weeds be wildflowers.

And may your wildest dreams come true.

And just in case you need an anthem for 2018 too…


  • Katie Dunn
    Jan 9th, 2018 - 4:39 am - REPLY

    Absolutely beautiful!
    Wishing you a happy, healthy, hopeful new year!
    xx oo