What I’m doing, why I do it,
and how we can do it together.

self portrait in mirror with Rolleiflex film camera

"When I started my photography business at twenty-five, 

all I knew was that I wanted to create work that mattered." 

To that end, I've done a lot of adventuring, talking to strangers, asking hard questions, exploring mediums, embracing mistakes, pursuing collaborations, playing with subject matter, shifting perspectives, and chasing light... and always, it comes back to feeling.

I want my work to make you feel something.

To smell something. Taste something. Remember something. Long for something. I want you to feel engaged. outraged. or full of love. And I really want you to look at the photos we create together and remember who you were in that moment. What life was like. What your dreams were. How in love you were with the people around you. What you feared. What worried you. What you were up against. What you overcame. 

So say hello. Lets share stories. 
Because making work that matters to you matters to me. 



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